COVID19 payment holidays coming to an end

At the start of the COVID19 pandemic, and the economic crisis that erupted when people accross the country lost their income, most banks such offered their clients a three-month debt repayment holiday.

This was at the start of March, and thus the debt repayment holidays will expires at the end of June. As a result consumers are expected to resume their normal payments to creditors in July. However, due to the lockdown that lasted much longer than was anticipated and the fact that thousands of people are struggling with little income, the reality is that many consumers will not be able to start paying their creditors again in July – when the money they earn are used for basic living expenses.

NOW is the time for consumers to apply for debt review – under debt review consumers can keep their assets (house, cars, furniture) and they further qualify for lower monthly installments and lower interest rates. They are protected under the law and their credit record will be protected.

Please don’t wait until it is too late – please contact us TODAY so we can assist you.


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