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Many South Africans currently find themselves in a dire and desperate financial position, trapped in debt. Although the banks and other credit providers have offered payment holidays and other measures to assist consumers, we find that this is still not enough for many people who are struggling to pay off debt, and still have enough cashflow to survive in these tough economic times.

When you seek help from Salary Management Services, we discuss the various options available to you to protect yourself and how to become debt-free. We guide you through the process with an analysis of your financial situation, examining your income and living expenses, as well as your debt. We then provide you with the best solution inline with your needs.

We do not discriminate against consumers’ income vs their debt, and can assist any consumer, with any amount of income, and any amount of debt. Your options include either an Administration order or Debt counselling:

Administration Order

A Court Order made by the Magistrate to ensure that you retain enough money at the end of the month from your salary to maintain yourself and your family.

The Magistrate (through Salary Management Services) calculates how much you can afford to pay back every month and orders you to repay your debt amount in instalments.

You pay one monthly instalment to Salary Management Services, who is appointed by the Court, who pay your creditors on your behalf.

When the debt has been paid, the Court issues a certificate that confirms that your debt has been paid in full.

Salary Management Services provides you with your cleared Debt Certificate. 

Debt Counselling

When you opt for debt counselling, Salary Management Services will notify all your creditors – they are then no longer allowed to harass you for payment.

Salary Management Services will prepare a Debt Repayment Plan, which is then negotiated with your creditors.

Salary Management Services will apply to Court on your behalf so that your Debt Repayment Plan becomes a court order.

You only pay one fixed amount per month to Salary Management Services, who pays your creditors on your behalf.

As soon as your debt has been paid, Salary Management Services issues a Clearance Certificate to confirm that all your debt has been paid in full.

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